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        Premier Nursing Home Advocate For Patients Who Have Been Diagnosed With Sepsis or Septic Shock  

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The Nursing Home Complaint Center is the premier advocate in the United States for victims of elder abuse, or neglect at a nursing home. The Center's primary focus is seeing to it that the family of a victim of nursing home neglect has the best possible lawyers to obtain compensation for the loss of their loved one. 


"If a ER doctor, or a hospital has just called a family to tell them their loved one has sepsis, or is in septic shock after being rushed to the hospital from a nursing home-please call us immediately at 866-714-6466."


 Report Abuse, Neglect & Fraud!


The Nursing Home Complaint Center can only assist the following types of nursing home victims:

  • The nursing home patient developed bed sores, that evolved into sepsis, or septic shock, and there is an actual diagnosis of sepsis, or septic shock.
  • The nursing home victim was diagnosed with sepsis, or septic shock, died, and the cause of death was sepsis, or septic shock.
  • The nursing home victim has broken bones.
  • The nursing home victim was sexually assaulted
  • Nursing Home Insiders with information about Medicare Fraud


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