Signs of Abuse

  • Septic sores, or infections involving a loved one in a nursing home.
  • Any occurrence involving broken bones, especially a fractured hip, a broken arm, or broken leg.
  • Any type injury or death occurring during or shortly after an occurrence of wandering (including outside the facility) when the staff is not aware that the resident is missing for some period of time.
  • Resident is frequently ill, and the illnesses are not promptly reported to the physician, and or the family.
  • Serious injuries requiring emergency treatment or hospitalization of a loved one.
  • Rapid weight loss, or weight gain without physician or family notification, and a change in treatment being provided.
  • Unexplained or unexpected death of the resident.
  • One nursing home resident injures another resident.
  • Heavy medication or sedation of a parent or a loved one in a nursing home.

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